Elements of Cancer Care (EoCC)

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EoCC is a study of non small cell lung, colorectal and breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy in 12 treatment facilities in NSW. Two cohorts of patients were recruited. The first cohort of 310 patients were recruited from January to November in 2009 and the second cohort of 189 patients from April to October in 2010. Treatment, resource utilisation and demographic data were collected using medical record reviews and interviews with patients. Patients also consented to person-level linkage of their secondary health data: cancer notifications, pharmaceutical dispensing records, medical services claims, hospital separations, emergency department visits, death registrations. Originating source(s): 12 treatment facilities/hospitals: Albury, Griffith, The Mater, North Shore Private, Prince of Wales, Riverina, Southern Medical Day Care, St George Public, St George Private, St Vincents Hospital Darlinghurst, Sutherland, Wollongong Public. (1) NSW Central Cancer Registry [2009 Cohort: 1/94-12/09] [2010 Cohort: 1/94-12/10] (2) Medicare Benefits Scheme [2009 Cohort: 1/06-12/10 [2010 Cohort: 1/07-12/11] (3) Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme [2009 Cohort: 1/06-12/10] [2010 Cohort: 1/07-12/11] (4) Admitted Patient Data Collection [2009 Cohort: 7/00-6/10] [2010 Cohort: 7/00-6/11] (5) Emergency Department Data Collection [2009 Cohort: 1/05-12/10] [2010 Cohort: 1/05-12/11] (6) Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages [2009 Cohort: 1/94-12/10] [2010 Cohort: 1/94-12/11] Note: time periods relate to full complement of project data to be collected.
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Elements of Cancer Care (EoCC) Study