LGM seasonal sea ice multi-model mean for PMIP3, PMIP4 and LOVECLIM sensitivity runs

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This dataset contains simulated sea ice multi-model mean data for both austral winter and summer during the LGM. The multi-model mean for PMIP3 contains 8 model simulations, for PMIP4 7 model simulations, and for LOVECLIM sensitivity it contains 2 model simulations. Each multi-model mean has data for austral winter and summer, yielding 6 total data files.
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download ReadMe.txt 359 B R Markdown File
download LOVECLIMsensitivity_australsummer_seaice_MMM.nc 520.67 KB The Network Common Data Form
download LOVECLIMsensitivity_australwinter_seaice_MMM.nc 520.67 KB The Network Common Data Form
download PMIP3_australsummer_seaice_MMM.nc 522.2 KB The Network Common Data Form
download PMIP3_australwinter_seaice_MMM.nc 522.2 KB The Network Common Data Form
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