A high-resolution, 22-year, free-running, hydrodynamic simulation of the East Australia Current System using the Regional Ocean Modeling System (Version 2.0).

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Copyright: Copyright 2021, University of New South Wales
The data is from a Regional Ocean Modeling System free-running, hydrodynamic simulation of the East Australian Current System. The model has a horizontal resolution of 2.5-6 km in the cross-shore direction and 5 km in the alongshore direction, and 30 vertical s-levels. The model domain covers the southeastern Australia oceanic region from 25.1-41.5 S and 147.1-162.2 E, and the grid is orientated 20 degrees clockwise to be predominantly orientated alongshore. The time period covered is 1 Jan 1994 to 30 Sept 2016. The model outputs provided are daily averages of the following variables: Two-dimensional variables: Sea surface height (zeta), barotropic cross-grid velocity (u) and barotropic along-grid velocity (v)Three-dimensional variables: Temperature (temp), salinity (salt), density (rho), cross-grid velocity (u), along-grid velocity (v) and vertical velocity (w), temperature time rate of change (temp_rate), temperature horizontal advection term (temp_hadv), temperature vertical advection term (temp_vadv), temperature horizontal diffusion term (temp_hdiff), temperature vertical diffusion term (temp_vdiff). In this version, the heat budget terms (temp_rate, temp_hadv, temp_vadv, temp_hdiff and temp_vdiff) are set to be zeros on the land.
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The entire time period is available (22 years) for research purposes upon request. Please contact Dr. Junde Li or Dr. Colette Kerry or Prof. Moninya Roughan. junde.li@unsw.edu.au c.kerry@unsw.edu.au mroughan@unsw.edu.au
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East Australian Current
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