Modelled microplastics trajectories in Jervis Bay for different modelling approaches (2D and 3D) and different vertical turbulence conditions

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Copyright: Copyright 2019, University of New South Wales
Trajectories of floating microplastics released at 18 locations covering the whole coast of Jervis Bay for three scenarios: 2D approach, 3D approach with weak vertical turbulence, and 3D approach with strong vertical turbulence. For each scenario, twenty particles per hour were released at each seeding site in surface waters during 3 days from 26 June 1998. The dataset includes all of the trajectories used in the publication: Rojas et al. (2019). Technical note: On the importance of a three-dimensional approach|for modelling the transport of neustic microplastics, Ocean Science, 15, 1-8.
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Analysis and modelling of microplastics transport and fate in Jervis Bay, NSW